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The aim to improve a child’s handwriting is a common reason why children, with and without diagnosed medical conditions, receive occupational therapy. Handwriting is an advanced skill that requires the coordinated application of visual, cognitive, motor and sensory abilities.

How We Can Help

Does your child experience difficulty adopting an efficient pencil grip, struggle demonstrating efficient letter formations or keeping up with their peers in the classroom? 

Handwriting is an important aspect of childhood as it incorporates a variety of complex and intricate muscle movements and visual perception skills. If handwriting challenges are left undeveloped they can become problems later in academic life such as in their HSC years. The necessary and fundamental skills required to produce writing are acquired from preschool age. It is important to intervene early if any concerns arise from an early age or any point in time along their school journey. 

Several aspects of handwriting will be analysed including 

  • Letter formation 

  • Pencil control 

  • Pencil grip 

  • Visual perception skills 

  • Handwriting speed and size

  • Spacing 

  • Posture 

  • Paper position 

  • Alignment 

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