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Developmental Milestone Achievement

Developmental milestones are the progressive steps your child takes to become independent. By understanding early childhood milestones, you are better able to observe, and therefore support, your child’s development.

How We Can Help

Occupational Therapists have skills and knowledge to help further in the development of children who may be finding adapting to the world around them more difficult than others. We can offer a range of treatment and services to help support your child in achieving their developmental milestones as part of early intervention.  

Children develop and grow at a rapid rate in the early stages of their life. This is why we strongly believe in early intervention. At a young age children are curious and explore the world around them receiving a high amount of visual, auditory, physical and cognitive feedback. All of this feedback is processed by the developing brain and continued milestones are achieved. Some children however for many reasons may not develop as expected and reach these milestones in line with their peers. At this stage therapy may need to be accessed to promote this development. Sometimes this may just look like a short term block of Occupational Therapy to develop the necessary skills needed for Developmental Milestone achievement. 

No two children are the same. All children develop at different rates while some may reach milestones quicker than others, some may be a little slower but eventually catch up with some therapy support. This is ok. For example, children born prematurely, have had any change in lifestyle or circumstances  tend to achieve their Developmental Milestones later. There may also be other reasons why your child is struggling to achieve these Developmental Milestones. If you feel like your child is not reaching their intended milestones,  have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us for a Developmental Milestone check in. 

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